Career Progression At N2 Physical Therapy

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.”

― Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable

Design Your Dream Career with N2 Physical Therapy

Career Options and Design

N2 Physical Therapy recognizes that one physical therapist’s dream career may be very different from another.  We have teamed up with our sister company, The Sisu Practice, to help create an environment where you are able to build the career you have always dreamed of.  Please learn more about the Sisu Practice here.

Our most popular employment option are the base pay with productivity bonus, that includes PTO, sick pay, health care, 401-k, liability coverage, and are of the more traditional setting.  We offer 32 hour, 36 hour, and 40 hour packages, and will work with you if you would like this type of career for hours less than this. 

We offer options to build your own self pay practice, whether you want to focus solely on this, or work with the leadership team to utilize various insurances while you grow your self pay side.  We also offer growth opportunities after being established with the company to grow from a self pay, more independent career model whether this is through hiring physical therapists, assuming a mentoring role, assuming a teaching role, or working up toward a C-level position for N2 Physical Therapy and complementing your self pay or per patient pay practice with these growth opportunities.  

Please email if you are interested in discussing career options.  Please see our Careers page for current open opportunities.

The Sisu Practice and Building a Unique Career Model

Utilizing experience founding several businesses, including N2 Physical Therapy and the Sisu Practice, our mission to provide the top careers to physical therapists has arrived.  Utillizing these affiliate companies, we will work with the right person for our team on building the career that you think is best for you, your family, and your future.  

We offer models to build a career with flexible models including per patient pay entirely utilizing insurance, and guidance from this point in building a self pay practice so you are able to grow clinically and eventually have options for hiring, mentoring, and developing employees of your own at N2 Physical Therapy. The benefits to working on a team within these models are flexible employment designs that allow access to benefits, retirement, mentoring clinically, business mentorship working directly with Dr. Neujahr, the most talented team environment for which to growth with, marketing support, administrative support, payroll support, and more. 

If you ever had the dream of teaching, with the help of the Sisu Practice, we are also able to offer you career options to build your coursework, build your mentoring practice, and even mentor for N2 Physical Therapy. We are also able to integrate this into your career at N2 Physical Therapy, or include it in a career design with your 1, 3 and 5 year goals. 

The ability to succeed and grow is enhanced greatly by surrounding yourself by talented, like minded people in both teaching, mentoring, business and clinical practice.  Email for more information if you are interested in speaking to Dr. Neujahr about a career with N2, your goals, and what approach we can design for you within the curren open and available positions. 

Company Tier for Traditional Types of Employment

Our company Tier is available to all of our employees.  Our Tier progresses from Entry Level to Senior Leadership.  Our base packages combine automatic 3% contribution to build a 401K, base salary and average productivity bonus, and automatic $1500 toward continuing education. Our starting salary is $75,000 – $87,000 depending on experience.

Our company incentivizes for meeting productivity, or seeing approximately 43 patients weekly.  We incentivize with bonus pay each pay period, and incentivize bonus PTO to add to your base package of 4 weeks. 

Our Tier outlines our expectations and our leadership team is available to you, to meet, check in, and help you reach for your goals. 

Teamwork For Our Clients, For Our Careers

Because of the exemplary level of business intelligence at N2 Physical Therapy between our team of Doctors, administrative teams, and billing we have designed a structure that provides you an option to use your insurance.  We know that we need each other, and to challenge each other, grow, and innovate constantly in a world of insurance that presents surprises every day.  We are here to work with you, so you have access to care.  We have options for utilizing our self pay program and practice connections, and we also offer an application for our pro bono program. 

Our philosophy is that teamwork is the most important feature of any high functioning organization, amongst ourselves, and our clients.  Harmony between teams, our clients, and continual dedication to innovation, continuing education, and progression of the field of physical therapy creates success.