Looking for innovative ways to advance your professional expertise?

N2 Physical Therapy Founder and Owner Hollie Neujahr has created the Sisu Practice to develop a collaborative , multi-disciplinary team and promote affordable, flexible professional development.  Please see her website below at The Sisu practice for more information. 

Best practice as Doctors of Physical Therapy requires the orchestration of clinical research, clinical experience, creative thinking, and most of all, humility. Harmony amongst these concepts allows everyone, whether patient, client, or scholar, to recognize that we must always continue to learn and respect one another so we can move forward, together.  Sisu is based on a Finnish Concept, and difficult to fully define. The concept embodies resilience, perseverance, determination, strength, progression mentally and physically in the face of adversity.  It is a mental and physical commitment to find courage and reach farther, when it is hardest to do so.  The Sisu Practice strives to continually build toward mastery in these concepts, through heart, learning, experience and collaboration. 

N2 Physical Therapy

If you are interested in learning more about careers at N2 Physical Therapy, please email using the button below.  We offer comprehensive mentorship, journal club, monthly team learning labs and formal coursework and labwork to help you achieve your golas.  We have coordinated our approach with teaching and progression within our company with the COAPTA requirements to achieve points toward licensure.  Our company education is designed so members of our team build physical therapy skills, patient management and professional strategies, advance in our company, and satisfy professional licensure requirements.