Please read carefully below to understand your options for care.  Our team at will help those of you with insurance understand your benefits, and how we submit your claim.  For those of you who are self pay and investigating payment plans, they will also help you understand costs and how to set this up. 

An important note for N2 patients

We understand and respect that all practices and companies have their own processes in insurances they accept, what they do with out-of-network status, and if they are self pay.

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, we all have to hold to our own values and integrity, and this represents different styles of physical therapy and approaches toward access of care.

At N2 Physical Therapy, we must balance Doctors of Physical Therapy being treated with respect by insurance companies, and providing access to care where we can make negotiations and have our values met.

We do and will continue to take insurances that value our worth and contract with us in a way that gives us flexibility and autonomy of care.

When we decide to adjust how we take insurance, or what insurances we take, it is because we are not able to have our needs met to be allowed autonomy in the care we provide and be paid what we feel our worth is.

If your insurance is not accepted, please know we are able to set up in a way to bill out-of-network for you, if we are not already.

Insurances that we take: 

Currently we are in network with United Health Care, UMR, UHC Medicare Advantage, Cigna (ASH), and Kaiser. 

For Medicare clients, we have as of January 2024 become a non-participating provider.  What this means is that we collect payment for your visit, at the time of visit, and submit your claim to Medicare on your behalf.  Medicare will process these claims and remit payment to you quarterly.  You can monitor this in your Medicare patient portal. 

Insurances that we take on an out of network basis: 

We can set up an account for any insurance, and help you submit a claim either by sending it directly, or providing you a superbill.  Currently we can send Aetna directly from our system, and they will remit payment to you.

For anybody wanting to utilize insurance, in or out of network: 

It is important that you submit your paperwork prior to your appointment, as we cannot verify your insurance or set up an account to submit to insurance without it.  Please be diligent in watching your email for new patient paperwork, as this minimizes the time and helps us streamline this process. Please be sure to include a picture of your insurance card in this paperwork. If you do not complete your paperwork by the start time of your visit, that visit may not be eligible for coverage and will be charged at our self pay rate.

No Show Policy: 

If you do not call to inform us of being unable to make your appointment within 24 hours of your visit, this is considered a no show.  The first no show is waived, and you will be reminded by your physical therapist of the policy.  Each following no show will be charged at a rate of $90 per visit.  Please understand that our Doctors of Physical Therapy deserve to have their time respected, and each has a waiting list of patients trying to receive care, and try to be respectful by letting the clinic administrative team know that you will not be attending your appointment as soon as possible.  You also have the option to reschedule within 2 business days, or convert the  appointment to Telehealth, to avoid being charged the no show fee.

Out-of-Network | Self Pay Options

At times clients prefer to self pay or need to because we are out of network, and avoid of the hassles insurance presents.  Please click here to learn your self pay options at N2 Physical Therapy. 

Chat with us

If you are experiencing hardship or have an insurance not listed under insurance options, please reach out to our team at to learn about our rolling pro bono program. 

New Patient Form

We highly recommend that you email the office you wish to be treated at with your name, phone, and birthday. We can then send all forms securely to your email, which can be completed electronically within a patient portal that you will be able to access at anytime.  If this is not an option for you, please contact the relevant front desk associate or manager and they will help you complete these forms via mailing them, or determining a way for you to arrive early to complete them.

Pediatric Form

In addition to new patient forms, if you email the clinic to have these sent securely and electronically, please indicate that you also need a pediatric form.  If this is not an option for you, please download and fill out these form as well for your child. If you have any questions, please call our office for assistance.

Where applicable, a $10 fee per visit will be administered to non-covered services, supplies associated with those non-covered services,  and clinical support that is not part of a treatment session. This is incorporated into our flat self pay rate.