Employment Packages versus Per Patient Pay

Different careers lead to different directions.  See below for how N2 Physical Therapy is different than per patient cash model. 

We handle the behind the scenes for you.

N2 Physical Therapy handles the details that are hard to plan for.  We pay your taxes every two weeks, cover your worker’s compensation if you were to be injured on the job, provide your quarterly and annual reports for your financial planning and annual taxes, and we cover your liability insurance 100% with a professional plan so you are safe to treat, and can focus on your patient. 

We provide you benefits. 

N2 Physical Therapy, as a team, qualifies for excellent rates on major medical insurance, dental, vision and life insurance.  We provide a human resources group to guide you through making your decisions, and electronically enroll.  All deductions are transparent and you have multiple choices to meet your health care needs.  The deductions for your care are also automatic on each check, and tax deductible. 

We support professional development. 

Bringing you the best leadership team in the region, with collaborative Master’s, Doctorate, and Fellowship training, we are equipped to learn your goals and guide you toward appropriate education. We provide in house courses, learning opportunities, mentorship opportunities to meet your criteria to renew your license.  These opportunities are provided on your work schedule, and you are compensated for your time. Our full time employees recieves $1500 annual toward additional coursework. 

We bonus productivity, transparently.

We have reasonable expectations for productivity, and bonus generously per every properly billed patient you see above your productivity level. 

N2 Physical Therapy provides a base flexible PTO bank of 4 weeks, and incentivizes by bonus productivity when productivity is met.    We have a base salary, for which you are paid regardless if your patient shows, and bonus at a generous per patient amount for every properly billed visit over your productivity benchmark.

We do not wait for quarterly or annual reviews, we pay per every pay period. 

We care about every member member of the team.  Part-time and full-time.  

At N2 we value every team member.  When schedules allow, we are flexible with needs for the part time physical therapist and work together for this.  We provide continuing education at an hourly equivalent in pay for our part time team.  We provide sick pay.  We create a bank of time off that is appropriate and fair.  Our part time team has the same opportunity to grow within our Tier, be mentored, and mentor. 

We care about your financial planning.

Via automatic enrollment, N2 provides every single employee with a 401K retirement account.  We are partnered with a talented retirement team and an advisor is available to all of our staff to guide decision making and goal setting.  Whether you are ready to contribute yourself, we start this by giving 3% of your total salary each pay period.  In addition, we use this 401K plan to incentivize, bonus and profit share when expectations are exceeded in the only way that profit sharing is monitored for compliance, transparent, and honest.