Blended Appointments:  Clinical and Telehealth Combinations 

N2 Physical Therapy utilizes Telehealth to supplement in person care, in order to make receiving types of physical therapy care more accessible and convenient.  It also allows your provider to maximize your in person treatment time with manual therapy, examination, and rexamination that are hands on. If you are an active patient please see our Telehealth page and reach out if you would like to review your case, update your plan, or review your home exercises or techniques prior to your next in person appointment. 

Please talk with your physical therapist provider about the best combination of visits for you if you are interested in this type of physical therapy plan.  If you are a new patient and plan to schedule Telehealth prior to your first appointment, please email at

If you are in a situation that makes coming to N2 Physical Therapy difficult, but still want to receive a consultation from one of our specialists, please also email  Your provider will help you build a care team that is close to you in addition to helping you with telehealth physical therapy.