N2 Physical Therapy uses HIPAA compliant platforms for Telehealth services that are reliable connections in all settings tested, including rural.  Your appointment will be scheduled via our Kareo Practice EMR Platform, all communication will be through our secure email services, and your session will take place on Google Meet via an N2 Physical Therapy invitation only.  Please see our Telehealth page for more information. 

We bill insurances we are in and out of network with, but information provided to us is often unclear.  Please call independently as well and ask about your Telehealth benefits prior to your appointment if this is a concern.

Our pricing for Telehealth is the same as our self pay options, but offers flexibility in the length of the visit.  See below:

  • 40 minute session: $120 per visit
  • 30 minute session: $80 per visit
  • 15 minute session or consultation :  $40 per visit

What our patients are saying about Telehealth at N2 Physical Therapy: 

I have just finished my first Telehealth appointment with Hollie at N2PT and I feel that this service online is fabulous. I was able to discuss my issues from the comfort of my home and Hollie was able to assess the exercises she was giving me while I was doing them on my mat. The interaction worked just like being in her office and she was able to teach me new methods and adjust the way I was currently exercising. This was a terrific way of keeping myself healthy and using physical therapy to keep me safely exercising. I am very thankful to N2 PT for keeping their virtual doors open during this stressful time. I do not have to interrupt the PT I have been doing and can continue to heal. Thank you, N2PT!

  -MG, 2020

Thanks to Hollie and N2’s Telehealth program as an option to case review, we were able to discuss my progress, goals, and needs comfortably on a telehealth call. This allowed me a more comfortable and confidential space to make sure that N2 as a practice was addressing my medical needs. I have had to switch PTs several times, and during this process felt like I had gotten lost in the system and my progress was delayed in the various transitions. I feel good going forward with N2 as my team that I have this space to make sure we are all on the same page with my health, and knowing that my concerns were listened to and heard. I definitely recommend this for someone feeling they need another opinion, or wanting to expand their treatment and learn more about other approaches to improve their health and symptoms.
– Anonymous Client, 2020

As an existing client, Telehealth has been invaluable to keeping up with Hollie and my physical health needs. We are able to discuss symptoms and update therapy/exercise plans as needed without having to leave the house. I know I can reach out and set up an appointment as needed and I take huge comfort in that.

– Amber, 2020

What is Telehealth for physical therapy? 

Telehealth is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to provide healthcare information and services.  A telehealth session  at N2 Physical Therapy is a physical therapy session via a HIPAA compliant audiovisual platform. 

Benefits of Telehealth: 

  • A private, confidential environment to speak one-on-one with your provider quickly.
  • An effective, and accessible supplement to in person care.
  • Access to other providers within N2 Physical Therapy for additional review and recommendations for your plan of care.
  • Improved accessibility if you have difficulties finding time for in-person appointments, such as distance, a busy schedule, or difficulty finding childcare. 
  • Access to specialties such as pelvic floor, chronic pain, oncology rehabilitation that are not available to you in your immediate location, and a way to coordinate a team in your area.
  • An innovative way to integrate exercise and/or home program review and progression with shorter, Telehealth appointments that can lower your overall cost and physical therapy visit usage, while making your progress more efficient.
  • A way to review and manage symptoms, increase coordination with other providers on your medical team, and be sure your plan of care is meeting your needs as your goals progress forward.

Please read the FAQs below carefully, and see our Team Page for providers participating in Telehealth.  Email any of these providers, or telehealth@n2physicaltherapy.com for further questions or to set up an appointment. 

It is highly recommended that you complete a speed test on your WIFI prior to a Telehealth session. Please review the process to do this in your consent form and complete it prior to your visit. 

What are your self pay costs, if I do not have insurance coverage, prefer not to bill insurance, or attempt billing insurance and am not covered?

Our pricing for Telehealth is the same as our self pay options, but offers flexibility in the length of the visit.  See below: 

  • 40 minute session: $120 per visit
  • 30 minute session: $80 per visit
  • 15 minute session or consultation:  $40 per visit

If you feel you need a longer session than 40 minutes please discuss your options with your provider.

If insurance is billed, and does not cover your Telehealth service, the above fees will be the maximum you are charged.

If I have never been a patient with N2 Physical Therapy, how do I pay for my appointment?

N2 Physical Therapy accepts payments securely via our Kareo patient portal or Stripe.   Once you are scheduled you will be issued an invoice to reserve your appointment.  After your session is complete, or your billing claim is settled, you will be charged via this payment method for the remainder of your bill, not to exceed the above self pay rates. 

I am a new patient at N2 Physical Therapy.  Will Telehealth help me?

Yes, telehealth is a successful platform for anatomy education, and utilizes videos, animations, diagramming personalized pictures, and more to help you gain a better understanding of your symptoms.  It is also useful to review your symptoms, prior treatments, current abilities and frustrations, with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and determine a plan that will help move you toward your goals immediately. 

I would like an ergonomic assessment of my home office by a physical therapist.  Can a physical therapist at N2PT help with this via Telehealth? 

Yes, our physical therapists all have specialty training in spine, hips, pelvic floor, pudendal nerve, and are able to help you with your home set up via a Telehealth session.   Please have your set up visible from your computer for the session.  An iPhone will not work as well as something with a larger screen.   If you have any symptoms associated with sitting for your work day, please email your physical therapist a list of these, and any other concerns, to prepare with for our session.  

If I start doing Telehealth now, will I always be a Telehealth patient?  

You are free to continue or opt out of Telehealth at any time.  Patients may be Telehelath only, Hybrid or a combination of Telehealth and in-person to maximize in person sessions for hands on treatment, or in-person only.  Your Telehealth provider will work with you determine what is best for you after your initial consultation.

I would like to upgrade my exercise program.  Would Telehealth be a useful platform for this? 

Absolutely, Telehealth is a provides a way to swiftly review exercises,  demonstrate them, and cue for proper form or upgrade if you are ready.  The physical therapists at N2 all have access to programs that send you your exercise routine, and can share it during your session to go through everything before you complete your visit.  

It is recommended that for this type of session you utilize a computer so it can be positioned properly, have a yoga mat or towel available to lay on, and wear gym clothes.  You can expect to go through exercises slowly, and your physical therapist will help coach your movements. 

I would like a second opinion on my case, and to gain more information about my options to expand my treatment plan.  Is this an option via Telehealth? 

N2 Physical Therapy is proud to have a strong team of providers with a diverse skill set.  Using Teleheath for case review sessions is extremely beneficial to gain more insights to your plan and collaborate with multiple providers. More than one way exists to address chronic pelvic pain, chronic pain, or issues that have been ongoing and difficult to recover from.  Within N2 Physical Therapy our therapists often suggest that a patient see another provider one time in clinic as well, to build a stronger plan.  Telehealth has made this simple, accessible, and more affordable than booking an entire in person session. Every physical therapist has a unique education, impressive and strong curriculum vitae, and personalized clinical experiences that may help you expand your care plan quickly and effectively in a strong, team oriented, learning environment.