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Self Pay Information 

Please see below for setting up a case that is self pay, and the differences.  We utilize our team of administrative specialists to help you book, set up your case, and pay so that it is not part of your treatment session.  Email for more information. 

  • How much is a standard session at N2 Physical Therapy?

    The cost for a 40 minute one-on-one session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy is $120.00.  Our admin team will help you register prior to your appointment either virtually or in person.  The team will also help you schedule, pay and check out after your appointment is completed. This allows your time with your physical therapist to be exclusively about your care.

  • Do I have less paperwork if I am self pay?

    Yes!  We will provide you a different packet of intake paperwork to minimize the amount of onboarding required.  To guarantee quality of care you may still be required to do patient outcomes. 

  • Am I still able to submit to insurance?

    Yes!  Our admin team will provide an invoice and necessary billing form for you, so you do not have to use appointment time to generate paperwork.  Where it is not the same as formally taking insurance, you do have the option of submitting a self pay claim independently. You are able to submit out of network to almost all commercial insurances. 

  • How long do I have to cancel an appointment?

    If you need to cancel an appointment, we ask that you give us at least 24 hours advance notice. If you are unable to provide us a notice of cancellation, a $60 fee will be applied.

  • What if I want more flexibility than a 40 minute session?

    N2 Physical Therapy's owner and founder, Hollie Neujahr, operates under the Sisu Practice in various clinic locations.  She offers 30 minute, 40 minute, and 60 minute appointments as well as virtual consults.  Please see her FAQ below and reference her website for more information:

    How do I schedule with Dr. Neujahr? : You can schedule by calling any office, emailing, or via the Sisu Practice.  You may also email her directly at to ask questions. 


    Where is Dr. Neujahr treating? : Hollie is treating in the Louisville office on Thursdays, and the Capitol Hill office on Wednesdays. If you have specal appointment requests and times, once you are established she will work with you on this. 


    What is Sisu Practice?: Sisu Practice is the affiliate of N2 Physical Therapy that provides a space for Dr. Neujahr to flexibly see patients, and plan continuing education for her team, and the entire physical therapy community. It is also a space where she works with colleagues and clients to build leadership skills, and integrate and utilize her diverse set of certifications, certificates and degree. 


    What are rates to schedule with Dr. Neujahr?

    Hollie's prices are the exact same as N2 Physical Therapy's, but have more flexibility.  For a 40-minute session she charges $120, 30-minute session $90, and 60-minute session $180.  For virtual clients she charges $35 for a 15-minute session, $65 for a 30-minute session, $90 for a 45-minute session. 

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