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For Patients Using Insurance

N2 Physical Therapy believes that care should be provided to every patient.  Using our business intelligence, talented administrative and billing teams, and our compassionate, highly specialized pelvic floor Doctors, we have innovated a way to take insurance that is easy for clients, and does not compromise the quality of care N2 delivers. 

How does it work to use my insurance? 


N2 Physical Therapy was founded to provide high quality care, in a learning environment, accessible to the entire public.  We provide individualized, high quality care from top Doctors of Physical Therapy who are commited to higher level certifications and a commitment to advanced continuing education. 

N2 Physical Therapy has achieved this goal and provides our clients personalized, one on one care, in a private treatment room, while assisting you in being covered by your insurance.  We work together as a whole team with a compassionate and available in house billing team, administrative team, and collaborative team of Doctoral level physical therapists.  If you feel you need more than our standard 45 minute treatment time, you are welcome to discuss options with your provider and the administrative team to have a 90 minute treatment time. For a standard 40 minute session, our rate is $120.  You will be placed into a 45 minute appointment time, and 5 minutes of this time is allowed for tear down and clean up of your treatment room to ensure your safety and cleanliness, as well as any email or exercise transmission needs your therapist has to follow up with for your session. 


We are in-network with most insurance companies and the office manager at the clinic most convenient to you will help guide you through the insurance verification process.   If you have any concerns about your insurance coverage, please call the office number of your appointment location.  Please be aware that each clinic location has a high volume of patients with a compassionate administrative team focused on not only the person in front of them, but also the insurance they are utilizing and how to guarantee coverage for them.  While we strive to answer every phone call, this is not always possible.   Please leave a message and a time that you are available within business hours for a call back.  If this does not work for you, please email the clinics direct appointment line.  We also offer an online scheduling service under each Doctor of Physical Therapist biography location that you are free to submit a request through.  Typically online emails or requests are returned and confirmed within two business days. 


If you do not submit your paperwork via the Kareo Portal the day prior to your appointment, or provide this to our front desk via phone within 24 hours notice, we will not be able to successfully guarantee insurance verification, and your first visit will be self pay. We are asking everybody to use the Kareo Portal for the safety of our staff, our customers, and to help us utilize this platform to get information from your insurance company as quickly as possible. 


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N2 Physical Therapy believes in each patient having access to care.  Our team is dedicated to being the most cutting edge in our physical therapy techniques, and our company is dedicated to providing continuing education, creating continuing education, and supporting our physical therapists in their career goals to bring you the most accessible and specialized care in Colorado. 

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What insurances does N2 Physical Therapy Accept? 

N2 Physical Therapy is proud to be a physical therapist owned company, contracting directly as physical therapists with each insurance company we work with. As a team, we have utilized combined physical therapist and administrative business intelligence to build a procedure and model that works for the patient, and the provider. 


At this time we take almost all insurances, including Anthem Blue Cross, Optum Health Plans, Cigna, Aetna, Kaiser, Medicare, Medrisk, and more.  Please use the button below to email our appointments line and inquire about your insurance. 


It is important to your care that you complete your paperwork prior to your visit, preferably electronically, so our administrative team can provide your complimentary insurance verification and distribute any necessary information or tasks to be completed by you immediately.  


Please communicate this to your provider and the administrative specialist in the office you receive care. 

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More questions about insurance? 

Please use the form to the right to reach out to our practice manager. 


Louisville Office:

335 W South Boulder Rd
Ste 1
Louisville, CO 80027
T 303-954-8423
F 720-302-0150


Centennial Office:

6909 S. Holly Circle

Suite 100
Centennial, CO  80112
T 720-389-8730
F 720-302-0150

Uptown Office:

1888 N Sherman Street
Ste 202
Denver, CO 80203
T 720-583-0439

F 720-302-0150

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