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The Pelvic Health Practice Promoting Patient Choice

An environment designed for healing, for the entire community.  N2 Physical Therapy is a team of talented and compassionate Doctors of Physical Therapy, with one of the largest combinations of official certifications and advanced training in the region.  Dedicated to providing care for the everyone, N2 provides models of payment to utilize insurance, self pay, apply for our pro bono program.  Our philosophy is that no patient should be left behind, and everyone deserves access to the highest quality of care to cure their pain. 

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At N2 Physical Therapy we treat every patient with a whole system approach unique to each individual’s needs.

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The professionals at N2 Physical Therapy provide you with a combination of experience, skill and compassion.

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Latest From Our Blog

  • 03/05/2023 - Leanna Racine
    Building Your Pregnancy Team, Part 1 - Physicians and Midwives

    We have all heard that it takes a village to raise a child, right? What about growing a baby? That can take a village too! Pregnancy can be a beautiful and exciting time, but it can also be downright hard - from nausea and vomiting, to anxiety and the mental stress of processing a profound life-challenging event, to navigating loss or challenges along the way, or dealing with aches, pains, and fatigues. This mini blog series will serve to explain and highlight the roles of key professionals across disciplines who are experts in supporting the needs of pregnant people. Part 1 dives into the primary healthcare team of physicians and midwives, and Part 2 will cover additional healthcare and supporting professionals.


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  • 02/09/2023 - Cailey Daluga
    Dry Needling: What Is It & Could It Possibly Be Helpful for Me?

    What Is It?

    Dry Needling (DN), also known as Trigger Point Dry Needling (TPDN), is a form of treatment used to treat myofascial pain. (Myo - meaning muscle, Fascia- being the connective tissue surrounding the muscle.)

    Common gripes such as “my low back aches after a long day at work”, “my hips hurt after a long walk”, or “my shoulder hurts when I reach overhead” are common presentations of myofascial pain.

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  • 01/24/2023 - Leanna Racine
    Taking Self-Love Into Your Own Hands: Let’s Talk Masturbation

    Did you know that January is Self-Love month? Masturbation, or the act of sexually stimulating yourself, has many scientific health benefits and no severe side effects. Once referred to as the “solitary vice” and purported to cause ailments like poor digestion, memory loss, and impaired vision by leading doctors such as Dr. John Kellogg (yes, the same man that invented Kellogg's Cornflakes), our scientific understanding of the benefits of masturbation has come a long way. Research now supports the fact that masturbation is a healthy practice and offers a host of benefits for our mental and physical health. Let’s dive deeper:


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