"Love, Glitter Girl" and Pelvic Health Awareness Month

N2 Physical Therapy would like to thank Hilary, founder of "Love, Glitter Girl" for her dedication to pelvic floor health and awareness. Please see her article and interviews with Hollie Neujahr, PT, DPT, CLT, CMTPT, MBA and Patty Bomarito, PT, DPT about pelvic floor, physical therapy, and how to find the care you need to achieve the excellent pelvic health you deserve!

Please see the following link for excellent insights from Hilary on her own unique experience with pelvic floor.  This includes an article about her journey, and interviews with Dr. Neujahr and Dr. Bomarito on how to identify warning signs of pelvic floor problems, and find the best care for you. 


When You Feel the Pelvic Floor There is Help


Please email hollie@n2physicaltherapy.com or patty@n2physicaltherapy.com for any questions.